Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2018

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Strategies for continuous improvement in the master's degree in "Colour Technology for the automotive sector" based on feedback from graduates
Esther Perales, Bàrbara Micó-Vicent, Valentín Viqueira, Khalil Huraibat, Fco. Miguel Martínez-Verdú

Last modified: 13-05-2019


The first edition of the Master's Degree in "Color Technology for the Automotive Sector" was held during the last academic year. The academic results in terms of qualifications, achievement and learning were good. In spite of the good sensations, there are aspects to be improved, both in methodology and the development of the subjects, timing of the contents, organization or communication channels. Following this line, the Academic, agreed on a plan of continuous improvement based on the feedback provided by the graduate surveys. A specific survey was carried out to gather their specific experience of the course in order to be able to modify the general strategy of the master's degree at the teaching and organisational level. The objectives were to adapt the teaching methodology to facilitate a more reflexive, participative and autonomous learning with a high degree of involvement and motivation of the students, to improve the academic results in terms of learning and satisfaction, to simplify and improve the logistic management of the course, etc. Thus, the survey included questions relating to the usefulness of the master's degree, methodology, organisation and planning of teaching, as well as a final question relating to the overall satisfaction of the course. A short survey was chosen with only 10 questions that the student rated from 1 to 5 on a scale from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree". From the analysis of the responses, some important weaknesses were detected, such as the lack of content developed in video format, and the slowness of feedback on the results obtained in the proposed tasks. Based on these results, it was proposed an improvement plan that included the incorporation of videos to teaching materials, flexibility in the deadlines for activities, and the periodic monitoring of student learning and concerns through "Adobe Connect".


Feedback; b-learning; Moodle

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