Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2018

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Managerial Skills to Engineers, an optative subject on last course of grade in the ETSIIV. Results of applying new methodologies for developing managerial skills
Carlos Manuel Dema Perez, Carlos Fernández Llatas, Antonio Martinez-Miñana, Sofía Estelles-Miguel

Last modified: 17-05-2019


Managerial Skills to Engineers is an optative subject placed on last degree course. Students have passed on second course “Organization Foundations” as only subject about management contents. So, it was proposed with the aim of developing main managerial skills thinking of their professional future, highlighting among them communication skills clearly. On fact, during quotidian engineer’s work on plant they need leading groups, participating on meetings, negotiating with clients, suppliers, etc. Communication constitutes a basic pillar for personnel and professional engineer’s future success. In this paper most relevant results reached during three last years have been gathered up, all of it considering actual constraints have advised us to improve each year step by step consolidating each one  before moving forward.


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