Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2018

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A Coaching Skills and Strategies Managers Utilize for Employee Improvement and Retention
Bob Barrett

Last modified: 20-05-2019


While managers and supervisors may be hired for certain variety of skills sets, abilities, and knowledge, not all of these workers may be educated or trained to be workplace coaches or mentors may or may not have the tolerance and patience for such a role.  However, Human Resource Management professionals in the workplace need to realize that there may be a need for coaching training and skills enhancement workshops to prepare today’s workforce managers.  The key for success in this area is to conduct a need assessment for the workers and managerial staff to determine what is needed from today’s workplace coaches in terms of needed skills sets and strategies to be utilized by them to help enhance, motivate, monitor, and evaluate the human capital working for today’s organization. Next, the development and design of a coaching program can be instrumental in moving today’s managerial workforce from general coaches to more specialized coaches to help develop and today’s workforce, as well as help strengthen their own skills sets and knowledge in order to help obtain better results of organizational goals, as well as develop stronger working relationships and bonding with the workers.  Equally important, today’s workers need to exert an equal amount of effort and participation in a coaching environment in order to gain better outcomes in terms of performance and efficiency.  This presentation will focus on the creation of better coaching programs and evaluation of coaching relationships and outcomes.


Coaching; human resource management; human capital; workforce improvement; training

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