Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2019

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TED talk as a simulation tool in a higher education for the learning process and improvement students´ motivation : an academic practice with students of the degree in business intelligence and a prospective.
Rosa Sanchidrian Pardo, Pilar Yubero Hermoso, Begoña Torrente Barredo

Last modified: 10-04-2020


The main mission of this project is to improve the professional skills of first year students and to measure their motivation, focus on self-learning and professionalism. For that, the professor uses The TED methodology as a great tool to develop these essential competences and introduces the student as the protagonist of the self- learning process.

The TED tool was created to disseminate scientific results of great researchers. It has now become a system of scientific and social dissemination, used to improve formal and informal learning. Also, one of the skills that Spanish people need to work on is their communication skills and these kinds of projects are based on the effective communication competences and others that increase the motivation of students to self-learn and ask about newly acquired knowledge.

This educational innovation project tries to use these tools to improve the professional and academic skills and reinforce the human dimension of students and the factor to motivate them to study and learn. It has been evaluated and with the advice of a mentor (subject teacher). The project has been evaluated using a quantitative and qualitative method and the conclusions are interesting because the students recommend it and indicates that their has been an improvement on skills, motivation, values and knowledge.


Higher education, Bolonia process, innovation, academic practices, new methologies, self-learning, professional skills and compentences, Tecnology Education, spread ideas, motivations.

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