Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2019

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The identification of improvement strategies in continuous assessment using sentiment analysis in the Operational Research course
Leonardo Hernán Talero-Sarmiento, Julián A Durán-Peña, Kevin A Salcedo-Rugeles, Sergio M Garcia-Franco

Last modified: 10-04-2020


The University aims is to graduate professionals with high levels of competence to impact society positively. In consequence, the institutions apply different educational strategies to focus on improving the curricular competences until mastery the whole competences topics. An alternative highly applied is continuous assessment, which is a form of educational examination that evaluates the progress of a student throughout a prescribed course. A critical course in the engineer formation is Operational Research; this course focuses on scientific management supported by mathematical models such as decision theory, stochastic scenarios, simulation, mathematical optimization etcetera. This work aim is to diagnose the continuous assessment strategy apply to Industrial and System engineer students enrolled in Operational Research course, to do that, this research carries out a sentiment analysis which is a text classification tool that analyses an incoming message (in this case a perception essay) and indicates whether the underlying sentiment is positive, negative or neutral. Furthermore, the Techniques applied to group the emotions of anger, anticipations, disgust, fear, joy, negative, positive, sadness, surprise, and trust. Taking into account the initial results, the authors highlight alternatives such as the flipped classroom, gamification as educational strategies to implement in futures courses looking to improving the continuous assessment positive perception.


Continuous assessment strategy; Operational Research; Sentiment Analysis

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