Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, INNODOCT 2019

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What do they eat? A survey of eat-out habit of university students in Taiwan
Kuang-Yu Shih, Ming-Yuan Wang, Hsueh-Chieh Shih, S.Y. Lee, Ta-Yu Lin

Last modified: 10-04-2020


Main purpose of this research is trying to understand food likeliness of Taiwan college students, and probe whether these food are healthy. Three survey steps are taken as: step 1, market survey for what kind of foods are selling around the campuses; step 2, questionnaire investigation for students food preference; step 3, analyzing whether these favorite foods are healthy or not. The result shows: major consideration for students food selection are “taste” and “price”; 63% of students are taking food or snacks late at night at least once a week. Top three most favorite foods are: Taiwanese fries (yan su ji), carbon grilled chicken and fried fish steaks. Quantities of these foods are small, prices are low, and easy access from roadside food stands. Problems of them are high calories, easy to accumulate free radical in human body, plus insanitary food processing environment. They are harmful to student health. We suggest Taiwan government take it seriously.


college student, diet healthiness, food safety, food nutrition

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