Congresos de la Universitat Politècnica de València, Irrigation, Society and Landscape. Tribute to Tom F. Glick

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A chronological proposal for the huerta of Elche
Dominique F. Aviñó McChesney

Última modificación: 06-02-2015


Abstract. In this paper we propose an Andalusian chronology for the irrigated region of Elche which includes not only the area declared World Heritage by the UNESCO (Martínez, 1999) but also the whole irrigated area of what is called Camp d'Elx. We also propose a historical evolution of the different parts constituting this landscape. We base our proposal on what we consider to be its main element: its hydraulic infrastructures. We will analyse from two different but complementary perspectives – that of their names and that of their measurements – the constructions made for collecting water and distributing it throughout the plots. In addition, we take into account the use of the tahúlla as a surface unit – which is still used today in the Camp d'Elx – as its etymology is undoubtedly Arabic and its value is based on the Islamic cubit.

Keywords: Irrigation, Andalusian, cubit, landscape, toponymy

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