Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 24th ISUF 2017 - City and Territory in the Globalization Age

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Regenerating historic Tripoli: urban form, problems and potential
Almabrok Alakhal

Last modified: 14-05-2018


ISUF 2017 XXIV international conference : City and territory in the globalization age.

Regenerating historic Tripoli: urban form, problems and potential

Mr. Almabrok Alakhal



Keywords: Urban regeneration, Urban form, Changing pattern of urban form, Tripoli.

Conference topics and scale : Urban morphological methods and techniques.


This paper examines the impact of change, particularly Modernism, on a traditional Islamic urban core: the historic centre of Tripoli. It begins by discussing the historical background of Tripoli, identifying the key periods of urban change and growth through the evidence of historic documentation, maps, photographs and sketches.  It focuses on the impact of Modernism, introduced during the Italian colonial period, identifying the nature, scale and speed of change – to the physical environment (streets, plots, buildings, land uses) and social environment (uses and occupiers). This allows the identification of key problems facing the present-day historic city.

The paper then identifies examples of upgrading and urban regeneration projects for  urban corridors, street networks and public spaces, drawing on local, national and  international comparisons, for evaluating quality, and impact on urban form and design. Finally, it discusses the implications for future urban form.


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