Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 24th ISUF 2017 - City and Territory in the Globalization Age

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A first approach to the possible urban form of the city of Alcoy for the 21st century
Ivo Vidal Climent, Ciro Vidal Climent, Vicente Vidal-Vidal

Last modified: 17-05-2018


The will of Modernity to define and decide the urban form has been truncated by an endless succession of conditions related to land ownership and the many ways of justifying compliance with all kinds of rules that elude the question about form. The consequence is that they provoke a distortion of reality by blurring the entity of the city and its position in front of history.
In this sense, the drift and banalization of urbanism has been directed by the bureaucratic criteria of an administration that, with or without technical knowledge, makes decisions that impact on the urban form but without acquiring commitment or responsibility towards it. The urban form is at the mercy of the local building legislation, of the road or the shape of the plots susceptible or not to be built. Irremediably, the resulting urban form, achieved both in an active and passive way, evidences the error of the procedure because it reveals an operational ignorance of the context, of history, or simply of the faith in progress.
From the shelter of thought that represents the discipline of urbanism we introduce a series of urban solutions for the city of Alcoy that correspond to a possible urban proposal bounded in the time of the XXI century. This study aims to have a view of the urban form and urbanist order for the city of Alcoy and its territory under the premises of understanding both the inherited city and the needs of the new generations committed to a possible future

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