Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 24th ISUF 2017 - City and Territory in the Globalization Age

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Between the heritage and the contemporaneity of the industrial city of Alcoy
Maite Palomares Figueres, Ciro Vidal Climent, Ivo Vidal climent

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The ARA plan, acronym for Architecture and Rehabilitation of Alcoy, was the response to a collective desire of change and to the need for the renewal of an industrial city with a deeply rooted bourgeois and working-class base. The impulse and credibility that made possible the conception of the ARA plan came from a series of projects that consolidated seriously damaged zones of the historic center, and secondarily from the economic commitment of the Generalitat with urban projects of great disciplinary interest that, at that time, had the character of pioneers for their modern procedures of intervention on the inherited city.
The common framework of Plan ARA hosted many urban proposals very different in their methodology. However the sense of their cohesion in the city was evident because behind them there was a thought of order necessary for the consolidation and modernization of the urban patrimony that future challenges would ask for. The most relevant architectural project was the renovation of the neighborhood of La Sang, which won the FAD Architecture Award in 1999, but for the citizens the evidence of a remarkable change came with the construction of the public parks. Since that moment the people perceived that an ambitious and clear idea of the city was giving shape to their daily domestic outer spaces.
Unfortunately a mix of political and economical issues truncated or set aside important ongoing projects so the completion of the ARA plan was never reached. and the aspiration of becoming an strategic city was forgotten.

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