Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, 24th ISUF 2017 - City and Territory in the Globalization Age

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Visual Analysis as a tool for Urban Intervention Comparative Studies
Ana Elena Builes, Leonardo Correa, Diana Carolina Gutierrez

Last modified: 15-05-2018


In the past few years’ urban design development has been a topic that in some of Latin America cities such as Medellin, Mexico City and Córdoba, has been evolving under the shadow no longer far from concepts as social innovation and social urbanism, a situation that generates new perspectives and concerns about the impacts that this transformations bring to the cities and its communities. The aim of the collaborative research project was to acknowledge the impacts of urban transformations on five different cities and comparing them to find similarities and differences. A comparative analysis of multiple cases was proposed, along with a methodological triangulation that contained observation, photography analysis and the production of graphics accompanied by interviews in order to arouse an approach to the perceptions of the community residing the space and their affective bonds with it.

Inquiring about this process and impacts, and the inhabitants’ relation with their newly transformed space, researchers used graphic research methods that allowed collecting, evaluating and establishing comparative criteria and identifying reiterating impacts caused by urban interventions. Different graphic and visual tools such as drawings, photography and graphic reconstruction were used as a tools to identify the urban and architectural strategies through which a connection between urban space and its inhabitants in each city in order to compare with the other four cities. These tools where used in order to define a recurrent method creating an effect of distance, which increases the effect of designation and shows urban dynamics to articulate submerged realities in opposition with the images created through the visual tools, so a closer relationship between research and representation is made.

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