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Identify Urban Spatial Patterns Based on the Plot Shapes and Building Setting in Downtown of Nanjing.
Yusheng Gu, Lian Tang, Wowo Ding

Last modified: 15-05-2018


Yusheng Gu, Lian Tang, Wowo Ding

School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Nanjing University, No.22 Hankou Rd, Jiangsu 210093, P.R.China

E-mail: guyushengnju@163.com, tanglian@nju.edu.cn, dww@nju.edu.cn

Tel: +86 13951786797; +86 25 8359 7205

Key words: Spatial Configuration, Building Pattern, Plot Pattern, Plot Boundary Line


The geometric characteristics of modern cities have been difficult to describe that is important for urban design, which deserve to be further interpreted. Taking advantage of Conzen’s methodology, the building is tightly related with its plot, which means the certain building pattern can be described by examining the generation of the building arrangement within the plot. Simultaneously, the building pattern is highly affected by the plot pattern it is located. In view of these, plot patterns together with land property and site coding could be taken as the clue for understanding both building patterns and urban spatial configuration.

35 commercial blocks in Nanjing downtown areas are chosen as research samples. Firstly, the internal structure of the blocks will be studied by analyzing the patterns, functions and land utilities of its plots. Focusing on the site coding and regulation, the building arrangement could be clarified and mapped. The results will identify the urban spatial patterns in downtown of Nanjing by mapping the characteristics of plot size, shape, properties and boundary lines. Therefore, the method on describing urban spatial configuration in modern cities could be developed.


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