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Citizen Participation Plan for València Parcs de Barri
Asenet Sosa Espinosa, Ana Portalés Mañanós, David Urios Mondéjar, Juan Colomer Alcácer

Last modified: 11-05-2018


The multifunctional role of neighbourhoodscale parks is vital within the urban system. They are not neutral spaces in terms of the functions attributed to them by the social collectivity. This causes them to be analyzed, evaluated and projected in interdependence with the physical and social environment where they are located or can be located.

València parcs de barri is a web platform that arises from a teaching project developed by the Teaching and Research Group TUR (urban planning workshop), within the studies of Degree in Architecture at the Universitat Politècnica de València. It is born worried about the improvement in the project decisions of the neighbourhood parks.It considers that these public spaces have not been designed with sensitivity towards the social function that they fulfil. This social function is established by the daily uses that the population makes and what the park means to them.

Among the objectives of this platform are to open the University to society, involve students in a social project and listen to the user. In addition, it is necessary to diagnose and design the parks with and for the subject-user, because this is the true protagonist of the public space.

This paper collects the need to establish a plan to be followed by València Parcs de Barri in the coming years. The plan is a road map that defines the strategic lines and phases to be followed in a community based research project, applying the methodologies of participatory action.



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