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Proceedings 24th ISUF 2017 - City and Territory in the Globalization Age

Proceedings 24th ISUF 2017 - City and Territory in the Globalization Age PDF
David Urios Mondéjar, Juan Colomer Alcácer, Ana Portalés Mañanós, Vicente Colomer Sendra

1. Stages in territorial configuration

Making Sustainable Network-Community for Refugees from Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster on Stable Historic Castle Town and Region PDF
Shigeru Satoh
Measuring compactness of the urban landscape within a city territory for environmental capabilities: the case of 50 cities in eastern China PDF
Shuang Sophia Chen, Tong Zhang, Guangyu Li, Yue Yan
Stages in the configuration of urban form in urban development planning: the emerging role of open spaces as sustainability mechanism. The case of Valladolid (Spain) PDF
Miguel Fernández-Maroto
Valencia: the territorial structures of the Roman city substratum. PDF
Vicente Mas, Giancarlo Cataldi
Dysfunctions in the territorial form: the case of Valencia. PDF
Josep Lluís Miralles
Poly-nuclear urban system, landscape identity and economic development: The Vega Baja of the Segura River (Alicante) case study PDF
Clara Garcia-Mayor, Gregorio Canales Martínez
The industrial architecture of Mauro Lleó in the growth of the modern Valencia. PDF
Carmen Martínez Gregori
The processes of urban sprawl in the environment of average cities during the period of expansive urbanism. Territorial impact in an interior area (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). PDF
Francisco Cebrián, Irene Sanchez
Uninhabited territories: contemporary strategies to recover and preserve abandoned settlements and their areas of influence in Altoaragon PDF
Sixto Marin, Alejandro Navarro
Marinilla´s cultural landscape and spacial characterization (Colombia) PDF
Catalina Montoya, Lina María Escobar-Ocampo, Claudia María Vélez-Venegas
Stages of territorial configuration in the non-planned occupation of the Huerta de Murcia, 1929-2015. PDF
Marcos Ros, Fernando Miguel García
Neoliberal hegemony and the territorial re-configuration of public space in Mexico City. PDF
Carla Alexandra Filipe Narciso
Can our cities be planned? Does the function follow the form?. The New York experience PDF
Alberto Peñín Ibáñez, Alberto Peñín Llobell

2. Urban form and social use of space

The exploration and application of urban profile in city analysis, illustrated by the case of Chongqing. PDF
zhu mengyuan, Leng Jiawei
Spatial Structure in Chinese and Japanese Cities: A Comparative Study of the Supergrid and Superblock Structure PDF
Xiaofei Chen
The Hybrid Block as Urban Form PDF
Javier Pérez Igualada
Social Risk Map. The design of a complementary methodology to vulnerability indexes applied to urban rehabilitation activity PDF
Ana Ruiz-Varona, Jorge León-Casero
Comparison of Urban Form based on different city walls between Quanzhou and Newcastle PDF
Jianyi Zheng, Di Wang
The dual nature of land parcels: exploring the morphological and juridical definition of the term. PDF
Evgeniya Bobkova, Lars Marcus, Meta Berghauser Pont
Self-organisation and meaning of urban structures: case study of Jewish communities in central Poland in pre-war times. PDF
Malgorzata Hanzl
The transformations of the peripheral urban form in Brazilian listed heritage coastal cities and their morphological typologies: classification and concepts PDF
Ramon Fortunato Gomes
Urban form and vacant shops: can one explain the other? – a case study in Portugal PDF
Miguel Saraiva, Teresa Sá Marques, Paulo Pinho
Spatial distribution of economic activities in heritage cities: The case of the historic city of Toledo, Spain. PDF
Borja Ruiz-Apilánez, Eloy Solís, Vicente Romero de Ávila, Carmen Alía, Irene García-Camacha, Raúl Martín
The loss of semi-public spheres within the Vienna urban parterre system—cause and effect study PDF
Angelika Psenner
The “demonstrative city”: a model from a global architectural process PDF
Anna Rita Donatella Amato
Research on the fringe belts of Shangqiu, China: a morphogenetic approach PDF
Zijing Shen, Xirui Feng, Shuying Cheng, Yanhui Shi
Extending the concept of the morphological frame: a case study of Tangshan old military airport PDF
Rongxi Peng, Zijiao Zhang, Yixi Li, Feng Song
The Shaping Process of Urban Form Under a Socialist System: Townscape Diversity and its Formation in Sanlitun, Beijing PDF
Yang Meng, Miao Zeng, Feng Song
Explaining the Relationship between Changes in Iranian Lifestyle and Metamorphosis of Urban Form of Residential Environment in Contemporary Iran Case Study: Mashhad, Iran PDF
Ali Abedzadeh, Abdolhadi Daneshpour, Maryam Ostadi
Between the heritage and the contemporaneity of the industrial city of Alcoy PDF
Maite Palomares Figueres, Ciro Vidal Climent, Ivo Vidal climent
Mass housing estates legacy: urban design perspectives PDF
Javier Monclús, Carmen Díez Medina
Knotting the places: urban transformation of the public space from corrales de comedias to plazas mayores. PDF
Marco Falsetti, Pina Ciotoli
Evaluation of Generating Mechanism of Residential Building Patterns in Contemporary Cities – Case Study on Xi’an and Nanjing PDF
Ruoyao Li, Lian Tang, Wowo Ding
The role of the plot in engendering environmental quality: from unplanned favelas to the planned subdivisions of new blocks PDF
Maria Cristina Villefort Teixeira, Marieta Cardoso Maciel, Staël Alvarenga Pereira Costa
Self-organization in planned Danwei and Dayuan: A case study of the transitional Houzaimen neighborhood of Nanjing in urban China PDF
Qian Zhao
Citizen Participation Plan for València Parcs de Barri PDF
Asenet Sosa Espinosa, Ana Portalés Mañanós, David Urios Mondéjar, Juan Colomer Alcácer
Urban form and social cohesion: the socio-morphological definition of the residential fabrics of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona PDF
Rosina Vinyes, Sergio Porcel, Fernando Anton, Mariona Figueras, Laia Molist
Heterotopic space characteristics of urban village in China: Take Guandongdian district in Beijing as an example PDF
Tingying LU, Jiali LI, Ning PENG
The social structure and physical form of the state-owned farm in north-east China PDF
Li Xiujie, Fu Hongpeng, Yang Meng
Between territories: Incremental changes to the domestic spatial interface between private and public domains PDF
Agnieszka Wir-Konas, Kyung Wook Seo
Understanding cycling in Quito through the lens of Social Practice Theory PDF
José Antonio Vivanco
Clothing consumption practice and its impact on the transformation of “public space”. Vía primavera, El Poblado, Medellín. PDF
Natalia Uribe, Diana Carolina Gutierrez
Reading Nablus’ urban print: towards an understanding of its morphology PDF
Muath Muhammad Basher Taher, Jorge Correia
Urban sprawl and citizen participation. A case study in the municipality of La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia) PDF
Eric Gielen, Yaiza Pérez Alonso, José Sergio Palencia Jiménez, Asenet Sosa Espinosa
Void of Power PDF
Francesco Maria Mancini, Tanja Glusac
Rethinking Urban Design Problems through Morphological Regions: Case of Beyazıt Square PDF
Ezgi Kucuk, Ayşe Sema Kubat
Obsolescence of urban morphology in Villena (Spain). Spatial analysis of the urban fabric in the ISUD/EDUSI candidature. PDF
Fernando Miguel García Martín, Fernando Navarro Carmona, Eduardo José Solaz Fuster, Víctor Muñoz Macián, María Amparo Sebastià Esteve, Pasqual Herrero Vicent, Anna Morro Peña
Practices and forms of open space at territorial scale: A comparison between two cities crossed by minerals rivers. PDF
Marialucia Camardelli, Mariavaleria Mininni, Adolfo Vigil De Insausti
The essential purpose of any Urban Project is to define Public Space PDF
Jorge Iribarne
Study of morphological structures of historical centres as a basic toll for understanding the new conditions of social habitat. Quito, Siracusa and Suzhou PDF
Veronica Rosero, Andrea Gritti, Juan Carlos Dall'Asta, Riccardo Porreca, Daniele Rocchio, Franco Tagliabue
The urban form in the city of Tulcán, Carchi - Ecuador PDF
Yolanda María Tapia, Adolfo Vigil-de-Insausti, María Dolores Montaño
The project “DiverCity – intercultural urban perception” PDF
Katharina Lehmann
Evolution of the Urban Form in the British New Towns PDF
Julia Deltoro, Carmen Blasco Sánchez, Francisco Martínez Pérez

3. Reading and regenerating the informal city

The Diagonal City: crossing the social divisions PDF
Roberta Gironi
Towards Informal Planning: Mapping the Evolution of Spontaneous Settlements in Time. PDF
Maddalena Iovene, Graciela Fernandéz De Córdova, Ombretta Romice, Sergio Porta
Regenerating historic Tripoli: urban form, problems and potential PDF
Almabrok Alakhal
From Global to Local: spontaneous consciousness and artisanal attitude in the self-built city in Latin America - San Martin de las Flores-Mexico’s self-built fabric. A perspective and tools for contemporary design. PDF
Vincenzo Buongiorno
Central Lancashire New Town: the hidden polycentric supercity PDF
Victoria Jolley
Urban Art and place. Spatial patterns of urban art and their contribution to urban regeneration PDF
Maria Laura Guerrero Balarezo, Kayvan Karimi
Land Regularization and Quality Urban Spaces PDF
Ana Paula Seraphim, Maria do Carmo Bezerra

4. Efficient use of resources in a sustainable city

A quest to quantify urban sustainability. Assessing incongruous growth. PDF
Malgorzata Hanzl, Lia Maria Dias Bezerra, Anna Aneta Tomczak, Robert Warsza
Urban density for a carbon free city in different climates PDF
Hsiao-Hui Chen, Udo Dietrich
Coarse typological studies on urban program and density defined by various urban energy conversion technologies in Singapore PDF
Zhongming Shi, Shanshan Hsieh, Bhargava Krishna Sreepathi, Jimeno A. Fonseca, François Maréchal, Arno Schlueter
Making the Most of Daylight in Town Planning PDF
Bengt Sundborg
Urban green structure in El Ensanche of Valencia city PDF
Juan Colomer Alcácer, Ana Portalés Mañanós, David Urios Mondéjar
Urban Morphology and Sustainability: towards a shared design methodology. PDF
marco maretto, barbara gherri, Greta Pitanti, Francesco Scattino

5. City transformations

Contribution of planned built environments to city transformation: urban design practice in Montreal from 1956 to 2016. PDF
Francois Racine
From the so-called Islamic City to the Contemporary Urban Morphology: the Historic Core of Kermanshah City in Iran as a Case Study PDF
Sahar Pakseresht, Manel Guardia Bassols
The role of original plots and building types in the morphological research of Chinese traditional village tissues PDF
Guo Pengyu, Ding Wowo
Assessment of the process of urban transformation in Baghdad city form and function. PDF
Mazin Al-Saffar
Influence of energy paradigm shifts on city boundaries. The productive peripheries of Madrid PDF
Carlota Sáenz de Tejada Granados, Eva Juana Rodríguez Romero, Rocío Santo-Tomás Muro
Urban contrast of two cities from globalization. Gentrification, socio-cultural and economic aspects in Mexico and Valencia PDF
Maria Guadalupe Valiñas Varela, Arturo España-Caballero
Intensive residential densification: impact on the urban morphology of Santiago de Chile PDF
Magdalena Vicuña
Urban morphology in China: origins and progress PDF
Ming Liu, Feng Song
Henri Prost in Istanbul: Urban transformation process of Taksim-Maçka Valley (Le parc n°2) PDF
Pelin Bolca, Rosa Tamborrino, Fulvio Rinaudo
Housing form and city form: Urban morphology and local identity PDF
Luis Alonso de Armiño Pérez, Gonzalo Vicente-Almazán Pérez de Petinto, Vicent Cassany i Llopis
Geometric and poliorcetic inertia in the fortified system vs urban morphological inflections in 18th-Century Barcelona. PDF
Juan Miguel Muñoz Corbalán
A first approach to the possible urban form of the city of Alcoy for the 21st century PDF
Ivo Vidal Climent, Ciro Vidal Climent, Vicente Vidal-Vidal
Research of the Morphological Types of Blocks in the Old City of Nanjing PDF
haiqian liu
Second life of great American parking garages: Exploring the potential of adaptive reuse of urban parking structures in the American cities PDF
Ming-Chun Lee, Manasi Bapat
From City-like Settlement to Industrial City: A Case of Urban Transformation in Huwei Township PDF
Chih-Hung Chen, Chih-Yu Chen
URBAN TRACES: revitalization strategies for abandoned villages. PDF
Letizia Gorgo, Gloria Riggi
The morphological approach in the reading of the Territorial City PDF
Maria Gagliardi
Redefining the Smart City concept: the importance of humanizing ‘Intelligent’ Cities PDF
Raquel Pérez del Hoyo, Megan Lees
Altea Urban Project: An academic approach to the transformation of a coastal Spanish touristic city based on the improvement of the public space PDF
Vicente Iborra Pallarés, Francisco Zaragoza Saura
V. Eusa’s Intervention in the 2nd Expansion of Pamplona: The artistic transformation of a technical model. PDF
Andrés Caballero
Exploring transformation of small and medium-sized historical towns in China with network analysis and user-generated open data PDF
Ye Zhang, Xiangya Xie, Jie Zhang
Typo-morphology of Transformation: Reading typo-morphological changes in Tehran during ‘Modern’ and contemporary era for further prescriptions PDF
Mazyar Abaee
Nova Imago Urbis: the transformation of city walls in early Renaissance as a model for the contemporary city image. PDF
Aritz Díez Oronoz
Building a timeline, developing a narrative: visualising fringe belt formation alongside street network development PDF
Ilaria Geddes, Nadia Charalambous
Impact of Bridges on Spatial Transformation of Urban Pattern: The case of Golden Horn, Istanbul PDF
Demet Yesiltepe, Ayse Sema Kubat
Urban compactness and growth patterns in Spanish intermediate cities PDF
Carlos Jiménez Romera, Agustín Hernández Aja, Mariano Vázquez Espí
Dialectic contradictions of global and local within the city transformations. (Case study of Russian cities) PDF
Irina Kukina
Development of urban areas of the Russian Federation on the Trans-Siberian Railway: town-planning a railroad role in the city of Krasnoyarsk. PDF
Evgine Petrosyan, Ekaterina Kilina
El Patrimonio del Movimiento Moderno en la conformación de la ciudad. La Casa Guzmán de Alejandro de la Sota. PDF
Alberto Burgos Vijande, Teresa Carrau Carbonell
Linear parks understood as vertebration instruments of the city PDF
Ignacio Bosch Reig, Luis Bosch Roig, Valeria Marcenac, Nuria Salvador Luján
Resilient Urban Morphology to the flood risk in the final stretch of the Girona River (Alicante province). PDF
Jose Sergio Palencia Jiménez, Eric Gielen, Yaiza Pérez Alonso
Topological analysis of contemporary morphologies under conflict: The urban transformation of Dobrinja in Sarajevo and the Central District of Beirut PDF
Inés Aquilué, Estanislao Roca, Javier Ruiz
Building Transformation in Bandung City Centre: Expansion of Land Lot at Pasar Baru Area PDF
Nurtati - Soewarno, Taufan Hidjaz, Eka Virdianti
Urban form in special geographical conditions: a case study in Kenting National Park PDF
Chih-Hung Chen, Chun-Ya Chuang
Plastic City/Elastic City: A Critical Interpretation of Urban Transformations PDF
Antonio Camporeale
RUINE AND CITY. Procedure suggestion for the Imperial Forums of Rome PDF
Valeria Marcenac, María José Ballester Bordes, Luis Bosch Roig, Carlos Campos Gonzalez, Ignacio Bosh Reig
The role of residential fabric in the configuration of the city in Spain in the 1940s and 1950s. The case of Jaca PDF
Raimundo Bambó Naya
Learning from Slussen: place, idea and process in the transformation of central urban interstices PDF
Alvaro Clua
El Paradigma Universidad-Colegio. Transformación urbana de Alcalá de Henares en el Renacimiento PDF
Miguel Angel Gil Campuzano, María Teresa Palomares Figueres
Arrival Cities: Refugees in Three German Cities PDF
Hajo Neis, Briana Meier, Tomo Furukawazono
Historic urban fabric as basis for further urban renewal: later 20th century public urban interventions in Ciutat Vella, Valencia PDF
César Damián Mifsut García
Nowa Huta, Krakow, Poland. Old Urbanism, New Urbanism? PDF
Anna Agata Kantarek, Ivor Samuels
The forming process of Fiumicino PDF
Giuseppe Strappa, Marta Crognale

6. Cartography and big data

Exploring Patterns of Socio-spatial Interaction in the Public Spaces of City through Big Data. PDF
Aminreza Iranmanesh, Resmiye Alpar Atun
Cartographying the real metropolis: A proposal for a data-based planning beyond the administrative boundaries PDF
Juan Ramón Selva-Royo, Nuño Mardones, Alberto Cendoya
Preferred urban public spaces through social media: historic cities of the province of Alicante (Spain). PDF
Pablo Martí, Leticia Serrano-Estrada, Almudena Nolasco-Cirugeda
Urban form in the tourist cities of the coast of the Canary Islands. The morphologies of leisure PDF
Rafael R. Temes Córdovez, Moisés Simancas Cruz, Alicia García Amaya, María Pilar Peñarrubia Zaragoza
Case study on emerging trends in geospatial technologies for study of urban form PDF
Ming-Chun Lee
Because people act, cities can be smart: Promoting social innovation in smart-city design-tools in the Mediterranean. PDF
Miriam Navarro Escudero, Carolina Mateo Cecilia, Begoña Serrano Lanzarote, Vera Valero Escribano

7. Tools of analysis in urban morphology

Medieval Porticoes of Rome: New Methods and Technologies for Revealing Rome’s Architectural and Urban Heritage PDF
Selena Kathleen Anders
The Cyclicality of the Anthropic Space in Urban Morphology: an architectural perspective. PDF
Nicola Marzot
The effect of buildings on atmospheric turbulence in open spaces in Western São Paulo State, Brazil. PDF
Antonio Jaschke Machado
How to design the metro network for maximal accessibility potential? A comparative analysis of Shanghai. PDF
Lingzhu Zhang, Alain CHIARADIA
Defining typological process in the transformation of Turkish houses PDF
Duygu Gokce, Fei Chen
Researching the morphology of the city’s internal micro structure: UPM Urban Parterre Modelling PDF
Angelika Psenner, Klaus Kodydek
Morphological Analysis of Frontier Villages in Cyprus PDF
Nevter Zafer Comert, Erincik Edgu, Nezire Ozgece
What explains neighborhood type statistically? – Mixing typo-morphological and spatial analytic approaches in urban morphology PDF
Todor Stojanovski
Spatial integration processes of mass housing estates. The case of Madrid. PDF
Sergio García-Pérez, Borja Ruiz-Apilánez Corrochano
Energy Efficiency in the Urban Scale: Case Study – Prague, Czech Republic PDF
Ernest Shtepani, Anna Yunitsyna
Recovering the Habitat concept within Urban Morphology PDF
Teresa Marat-Mendes, Maria Amélia Cabrita
The Nine Forms of the French Riviera: Classifying Urban Fabrics from the Pedestrian Perspective. PDF
Giovanni Fusco, Alessandro Araldi
Quantitative comparison of the distribution of densities in three Swedish cities PDF
Meta Berghauser Pont, Gianna Stavroulaki, Lars Marcus, Kailun Sun, Ehsan Abshirini, Jesper Olsson
Typology based on three density variables central to Spacematrix using cluster analysis PDF
Meta Berghauser Pont, Jesper Olsson
Perceptive approaches to the morphological characterization of the urban contour: The case of the peri-urban landscape of Madrid PDF
Eva Juana Rodríguez Romero, Carlota Sáenz de Tejada Granados, Rocío Santo-Tomás Muro
Diachronic transformations of urban routes for the theory of attractors PDF
Alessandro Camiz
A multidisciplinary approach to urban fabrics analysis. The historical centre of Valencia. PDF
marco maretto, Vicente Mas, Eva Alvarez, Barbara Gherri, Carlos Gomez, Maria Rosaria Guarini, Anthea Chiovitti, Gianluca Emmi
Location-based density and diversity – adding attraction variables to space syntax PDF
Lars Marcus, Meta Berghauser Pont, Gianna Stavroulaki, Jane Bobkova
Quantitative Methods of Urban Morphology in Urban Design and Environmental Psychology PDF
Irem Erin, Alessandro Araldi, Giovanni Fusco, Ebru Cubukcu
Spatial Patterns in Mass Consumption: The Fast Food Chain Network and its Street Patterns, Clusters and Impact on Street Safety PDF
Genevieve Shaun Lin, Kayvan Karimi
Visual Analysis as a tool for Urban Intervention Comparative Studies PDF
Ana Elena Builes, Leonardo Correa, Diana Carolina Gutierrez
A Study of Chinese Traditional Wetland Island Settlement Combining Morphological and Narrative Analyses PDF
Dongxue Lei, Andong Lu
Identify Urban Spatial Patterns Based on the Plot Shapes and Building Setting in Downtown of Nanjing. PDF
Yusheng Gu, Lian Tang, Wowo Ding
Mario Gallarati
The impact of a new transport system on the neighbourhoods surrounding the stations: The cases of Bermondsey and West Ham, London PDF
Po Nien Chen, Kayvan Karimi
Morphological analysis: to evaluate the pattern of Residential building based on wind performance PDF
yihui yang, wei you, Yunlong Peng, wowo ding
A study on the history of urban morphology in China based on discourse analysis PDF
Limeng Zhang, Andong Lu
Morpho-based Study on Urban Street Spatial Configuration: The Case of Nanjing City, China PDF
Lian Tang, Wowo Ding
Future scenario’s for post-industrial Eindhoven. A fringe-belt perspective PDF
daan lammers, Ana Pereira-Roders, Pieter Van Wesemael
Vicente Collado Capilla, Sonia Gómez-Pardo Gabaldón
Towards the contemporary city. Reading method of post-unification restructuring of Trastevere in Rome PDF
Giancarlo Salamone
Morphological evolution of the fringe-belts of Krasnoyarsk PDF
Elena Logunova
Reconstrucción virtual de ambientes urbanos a partir de fotografías históricas a través de Image Based Animations (IBA). La Plaza de la Virgen de Valencia alrededor de 1870. PDF
Jose Luis Cabanes, Federico Iborra-Bernad, Carlos Bonafé-Cervera
Urban efflorescences of the global and the local: An analysis of the territory of Gipuzkoa (Spain) PDF
Madalen Gonzalez
How urban morphology influences the walkability? PDF
Ana Paula Borba Gonçalves Barros, Luis Miguel Martínez, José Manuel Viegas
Towards a ‘fractal’ typomorphology: integrating concepts of type, form and dimension PDF
Stephen Marshall, Yuerong Zhang
Can Speed Enhance Our Understanding Of The Role Of Spatial Connectivity? The Creation Of A ‘Spatial-Speed’ Map PDF
Paul Goodship
urbanisation dilemmas in delta cities PDF
Like Bijlsma
Historic-geographical and Typo-morphological assessment of Lefke town, North Cyprus PDF
sanaz nezhadmasoum, Nevter Zafer Comert
Space Syntax in an idiorrhythmical conglomerate: the case of Jardim Piratininga, São Paulo, Brazil PDF
Luciano Silva, Heraldo Borges, Bruno Futema
Study for a new definition of the southern side of Prato della Valle in Padua, Italy PDF
Enrico Pietrogrande, Alessandro Dalla Caneva
Shape of cadastral plot and band of pertinence. Meaning for Architectural Design PDF
Paolo Carlotti
Tourist settlements in the Comunidad Valenciana coast: A Typological Map PDF
Marilda Azulay Tapiero, Vicente Mas Llorens
Hermeneutics and principles of quality in urban morphology PDF
Javier Poyatos Sebastián, José Luis Baró Zarzo

8. Urban green space

The role of historical green spaces in the identity and image of today’s cities: The case of Madrid PDF
Eva Juana Rodríguez Romero, Carlota Sáenz de Tejada Granados, Rocío Santo-Tomás Muro
The virtual earth. The case study of the Rose garden in Alcoy PDF
Ciro Vidal Climent, Ivo Vidal Climent, Maite Palomares-Figueres
New York High Line as Urban Catalyst: Impact to Neighbourhood PDF
Koichiro Aitani, Vrushali Kedar Sathaye
Reconfiguring welfare landscapes – A spatial typology PDF
Asbjørn Jessen, Anne Tietjen
On the formulation of green open space planning parameters: A parametric tool PDF
T.M. Leung, Irina Kukina, Anna Yuryevna-Lipovka
Transformative Urban Railway: Ankara Commuter Line and Lost Landscape PDF
Funda Bas Butuner, Ela Alanyalı Aral, Selin Çavdar
Agro-Urban Landscape: the case study of Monteruscello-Naples PDF
Alessandra Como, Luisa Smeragliuolo Perrotta, Carlo Vece
Resistance & Permanence of Green Urban Systems in the Globalization Age PDF
Rita Occhiuto
Selected issuesofthefuture environmental policy in Europewithspecialreferenceto urban developmentandtheexampleof a greeningproject in Berlin-Spandau PDF
Katharina Lehmann

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