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General Papers

Nowcasting with Google Trends, the more is not always the better PDF (English)
Stéphanie Combes, Clément Bortoli
Quantifying and comparing web news portals’ article salience using the VoxPopuli tool PDF (English)
Duje Bonacci, Antonija Jelinić, Jelena Jurišić, Lucija Vesnić-Alujević
Validation of a web mining technique to measure innovation in the Canadian nanotechnology-related community PDF (English)
Constant Rietsch, Catherine Beaudry, Mikaël Héroux-Vaillancourt
Automatic detection of e-commerce availability from web data PDF (English)
Desamparados Blazquez, Josep Domenech, José A. Gil, Ana Pont
Forecasting Births Using Google PDF (English)
Francesco Billari, Francesco D'Amuri, Juri Marcucci
Firm survival strategies for entrepreneurs and freelancers in the translator and interpreter sector PDF (English)
Clara Gieure, Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent
Examining technology transfer activities at universities: Does one recipe explain all outcomes? PDF (English)
Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent, Adrián Guerrero