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General Papers

Public opinion mining on Sochi-2014 Olympics PDF (English)
Andrei Kirilenko, Svetlana Stepchenkova
Macroeconomic Nowcasting Using Google Probabilities PDF (English)
Luca Onorante, Gary Koop
Specific Characteristics of Actor Networks in the Social Innovation Process - A Comparative Analysis PDF (English)
Maria Kleverbeck
Structural Equation Modeling in Research on Brand Capital in Higher Education PDF (English)
Javier Casanoves-Boix, Ines Küster-Boluda, Natalia Vila-Lopez
The Effects of Cognitive Appraisal and Emotion on Consumer Behavior: The Critical Role of Recollection in the Luxury Cruise Setting PDF (English)
Eunkyung Joo, Hyejin Shin, Insin Kim, Jinsung Choi, Junhwa Jang, Sunghyup Sean Hyun