Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, XIII Jornadas de Ingenieria Telematica - JITEL2017

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Feasibility assessment of a fine-grained access control model on resource constrained sensors
Mikel Uriarte Itzazelaia, Jasone Astorga, Eduardo Jacob, Maider Huarte

Last modified: 27-10-2017


Upcoming smart scenarios enabled by the Internet
of Things (IoT) envision smart objects that expose
services that can adapt to user behaviour or be managed
for higher productivity. In such environments, smart things
are cheap and, therefore, constrained devices. However, they
are also critical components because of the importance of
the information they provide. Therefore, strong security
is a must, but not all access control models are feasible.
In this paper, we propose the feasibility assessment of an
access control model that deals with a hybrid architecture
and a policy language that provides dynamic fine-grained
policy enforcement in the sensors, which requires an efficient
message exchange protocol called Hidra. This experimental
performance assessment conveys a prototype implementation,
a performance evaluation model, the measurements and the
related discussions, which demonstrate the feasibility and
adequacy of the analysed access control model.

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