Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, XIII Jornadas de Ingenieria Telematica - JITEL2017

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Improving the energy efficiency of VoIP applications in IEEE 802.11 networks through control of the packetization rate
Rafael Estepa, Antonio Estepa, Germán Madinabeitia, Mark Davis

Last modified: 27-10-2017


This paper presents an adaptive algorithm that improves the energy efficiency of VoIP applications over IEEE 802.11 networks. The algorithm seeks to achieve the largest energy savings subject to reaching a minimum speech quality under the prevailing network conditions. The control mechanism used is the dynamic selection of the packet size during the communication.

This algorithm has been implemented in an experimental testbed and the results demonstrate that our packetization rate control algorithm can provide energy savings in uncongested IEEE 802.11 networks (up to 30%). Furthermore, under poor network conditions the algorithm can prolong the duration of the call before it is dropped at the expense of a higher energy consumption.

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