Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, XIII Jornadas de Ingenieria Telematica - JITEL2017

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Multivariate statistical technique over QoS variables to analyze video quality metrics on IEEE 802.11ac networks
Miguel García-Pineda, Santiago Felici-Castell, Jaume Segura-Garcia

Last modified: 27-10-2017


We present the results from a measurementbasedperformance evaluation of wireless networks basedon IEEE 802.11ac standard in an indoor environment, withthe aim to analyze their performance under high definitionstreaming video applications. We focus our study on analyzingthe highest performance of these standards using off-theshelfequipment as well as the behavior of Quality of Servicevariables and how they affect to the video quality. Thus, wehave analyzed and measured these variables and have applieda multivariate statistical technique, called Factor Analysis,and finally discuss their behavior.

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