Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, XIII Jornadas de Ingenieria Telematica - JITEL2017

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Throughput Analysis and Optimization of Multi-layer FFR-aided OFDMA Networks
Jan Garcia-Morales, Guillem Femenias, Felip Riera-Palou

Last modified: 27-10-2017


In OFDMA networks, the use of universal frequency reuse plans improves cell capacity but causes very high levels of inter-cell interference (ICI), particularly affecting users located in the cell-edge regions.In order to mitigate ICI while achieving high spectral efficiencies, fractional frequency reuse (FFR) shows a good tradeoff between cell-edge throughput and overall cell spectral efficiency.Recently, multi-layer FFR-aided OFDMA-based designs, splitting the cell into inner, middle and outer layers have been proposed and studied with the aim of increasing the spectrum utilization and improving the user fairness throughout the cell.This paper presents an analytical framework allowing the performance evaluation and optimization of multi-layer FFR designs in OFDMA-based networks.Tractable mathematical expressions of the average cell throughput as well as the layer spectral efficiency have been derived for both proportional fair (PF) and round robin (RR) scheduling policies.

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