Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, XIII Jornadas de Ingenieria Telematica - JITEL2017

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Multimedia communications in vehicular adhoc networks for several applications in the smart cities
Cristhian Iza Paredes, José Antonio Uribe Ramírez, Nely Patricia López Márquez, Leticia Lemus, Ahmad M. Mezher, Mónica Aguilar Igartua

Last modified: 27-10-2017


Road safety applications envisaged for vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) depend largely on the exchange of messages to deliver information to concerned vehicles. Safety applications as well as inherent VANET characteristics make data dissemination an essential service and a challenging task. We are developing a decentralized efficient solution for broadcast data dissemination through two game-theoretical mechanisms. Besides, VANETs can also include autonomous vehicles (AVs). AVs might represent a revolutionary new paradigm that can be a reality in our cities in the next few years. AVs do not need a driver to work; instead, they should copy a proper human behavior to adapt the driving according to the current circumstances, such as speed limit, pedestrian crossing street or wheather conditions. We will develop an AV software module including artificial intelligence (AI) techniques so that AVs can interact with the dynamic scenario throughout time. Finally, we also will include electrical vehicles (EV) in the VANET, so that special services such as finding and reserving an EV charging station place will be welcome. In addition, we are developing a multimetric geographic routing protocol for VANETs to transmit H.265 video (traffic accident, traffic state, commercial….) over VANETs.

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