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Web & Big Data in Social Sciences

Evaluation of Business-Oriented Performance Metrics in e-Commerce using Web-based Simulation PDF
Pece Mitrevski, Ilija Hristoski
Applied Webscraping in Market Research PDF
Markus Herrmann, Laura Hoyden
Validation of a web mining technique to measure innovation in the Canadian nanotechnology-related community PDF
Constant Rietsch, Catherine Beaudry, Mikaël Héroux-Vaillancourt

Advanced Regression Methods

The Effects of Cognitive Appraisal and Emotion on Consumer Behavior: The Critical Role of Recollection in the Luxury Cruise Setting PDF
Eunkyung Joo, Hyejin Shin, Insin Kim, Jinsung Choi, Junhwa Jang, Sunghyup Sean Hyun

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