Polytechnic University of Valencia Congress, ARQUEOLÓGICA 2.0 - 8th International Congress on Archaeology, Computer Graphics, Cultural Heritage and Innovation

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Tugba Saricaoglu

Last modified: 21-09-2016


History is the space of the time and also an accumulation of knowledge. This accumulation transforms into layers, layers provides knowledge. Also, historical envaronen has undeniable importance due to knowledge it has especially when it comes to architecture. Historical enviroment is like an architectural laboratuary which provides knowledge from past to present. That gives the reason why historical environment should be analyzed, preserved, rehabilited and restored in the first place. Sustainabilty of the knowledge can be supported by studying historical enviroment in every field. The main focus of this reasearch is integrating Baslica of Agora in Smyrna into today by analysing its cultural, historical and physical situation. Before the integration of the Basilica, information should be gathered and documentions related to the building and its close vicinty should be concluded. Documentation generated (measured and drawn) of the whole basilica in order to develope intervention decisions on scientific platform in any scale. Therefore, intervention orders took place on both whole basilica and the main intervention part of basilica as a modulatible scale. Basilica of the agora in Smyrna ancient city which has never been architecturally studied, documanted by using advanced technics surveying methods. Using all the data from documentation and academic studies 35. and 36. axles of the basilica determined to be the definite place where intervention orders –determined by analitical studies on whole scale of the basilica and detailed studies on the axles- took place.

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